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Dec 6 2012, 01:17 PM
"I was initally approached wiht a one year deal. I knew the character wasn't a fan favorite to begin with. I'm not sure he is now. Daniel is very difficult to root for because of the choices he makes. But over time, the character has evolved. I think since the time I've been here we've had three or four different executive producers and head writers. Each one of them has had a different interpretation of who Danile should be, and what he has to offer. I've had great interest in each one of their ideas".
That is a very diplomatic, considered statement. SC seems like a cool, thoughtful guy. The character of Daniel has just been written so terribly, and the insufferable pimping and propping on his behalf by once-beloved characters like Maggie and Jennifer has made it even more difficult to take. At least Victor gives it to him straight about his stupid decisions, even though I disagree with Vic on some key points (he needs to can it where Nicole and Chloe are concerned with some of the over-the-top language and disrespect). But still, he loves and supports him without pretending he's some kind of saint who can do no wrong and it's refreshing. Thanks for sharing this. It must be hard to play a not-very-rootable character like Daniel on some level, especially with all of the negative feedback...but hey, it's a paycheck and that's still better than being an out-of-work soap actor like so many others.
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