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^Right?! Seems to be the case! lol Although that's not true for Eileen Davidson. She's pretty front-burner right now (and deservedly so)
Eileen Davidson is a special case. She was brought in by Sony. I imagine they placed conditions on her return, including storyline and airtime. This has worked out well for the DH's, because I have a feeling if Tomlin had his way, he would have gotten rid of them along with the other returnees from the reboot.

I think they are erring on the other side with her... I think she'll have been on for nine days straight tomorrow, and that kind of overexposure isn't usually good either. MarDar were unfocused, but I think the show needs another major plot thread to break up these stories more.
I have to agree with this. As much as I'm enjoying Kristen and think ED is a breath of fresh air - there is the potential for saturation. I haven't felt tired of her yet and I'm enjoying all the layers of story surrounding her - but I could see where it could become too much.
I don't think I'm anywhere near the point of saturation with her yet but I can see it happening down the road and it's probably even more acute for people who didn't watch her during her first stint on this show. Still, her storyline is one of the juiciest going right now and I feel like less Kristen is going to mean more Sami or something and that kind of terrifies me. Sami is shown frequently now without it feeling like The Sami Show so I'm hesitant to see anything upset the current balance.
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