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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about John, Brady and Kristen.

Brady buys Kristen a bracelet as a gift. He writes a love note with it.

Victor later sees Brady and Kristen talking and picks up on what's going on. He tells Brady to stay away from Kristen. Victor then asks John to come to the mansion, and he tells John that Kristen is as crafty as Stefano and that Brady needs to be careful. John then sees Brady's gift prepared for Kristen.

Brady goes to the Salem Inn, where he and Kristen again have sex. Afterwards, they are getting dressed when John knocks on the door. Brady decides to hide within the hotel room. Eric Martsolf says this is difficult for Brady since he's the type to want to announce his feelings.

Kristen lets John into the room but helps Brady stay hidden.

John gives Kristen the gift that he found that Brady had prepared for her. He also thanks her for not calling the police about Marlena's break-in. When John leaves, Brady takes the gift and presents it to Kristen. Eileen Davidson says that Kristen is falling for Brady, though she doesn't want to...

Check out the latest Digest for details!

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