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Friday, December 7th

Nicole tells Jennifer
that dan cant stand to look at your
face , he hates you ,so do yourself a favour and go
jen says are we going to do this again
you trying to come between dan and me
nicole says its the other way around
jen says you are such a liar and your apology meant nothing
nicole says you look like hell are you sure you should be here
jen says i need to talk to Daniel
nic says what about dans needs do you ever stop to think about that , he is suffering because of you
for once can you put him first and get lost
dan comes in and says jen what are you doing here

eric is in the rectory
with cierra
she is saying a prayer
sami comes in
cierra says hi sami
eric says im
helping cierra prepare for her first Communion
cierra says my daddy says you and father eric are twins
sami says we are
cierra says then why arent you a nun

brady tells maggie he is solid
his future looks interesting
she says this thing that has happened is it a romance
he says i dont want to get ahead of myself
dont know what to call it cuz its brand new
maggie says maybe its too soon
he says that crossed my mind
she says i know how much Madison meant to you
she wouldnt want you to be alone
she would want you to be with someone special
someone who makes you happy

Marlena and Kristen and john
at the hospital
Kristen says to Marlena
go on just get it over with
tell john
mar says john i need to talk to you

brady says i know madison would want me to be happy
maggie says its still hard to avoid feeling guilty and moving on
i had to deal with that myself
but now im remarried and happy
i managed to work through the guilt by persuading myself that this is what mickey would have wanted for me
to be alive and happy and loved
brady says i dont know what this thing is with this other woman
she says you dont have to rush into anything
he says my feelings for madison isnt the only issue here
its a complication

mar and john and kristen go into a
an office
mar says its hard to talk about
thought it was better left unsaid
but the longer i wait to tell the truth the harder it will be when it comes out
john says to kristen did you do something
mar says no it was me
i sent krsiten a text to lure her out of her hotel room
and when she wa gone i went in
i was trying to find some proof of what she is doing
i know it was wrong
i hope you can find a way to forgive me
Kristen doesnt look too happy

john says please tell me this is a joke
mar says no kristen was there
she walked in on me
john says you wouldnt do something like that
mar says i was holding her tablet about to read her private thoughts
john says what were you thinking
then he has to take a conference call
tells her he isnt done talking about this
he leaves
kristen says thats not what i thought you were going to say
mar says you saw how he reacted to that news ,can you imagine how he will react when he find out about you and brady
im not going to be the one to tell him
thats not my responsibility
thats yours
so you and brady can explain that to him
no thank you
Kristen says for what
mar says dont you get it
i just did you a favour

eric tells cierra that sometimes people feel like they have a special calling to serve the church
and others dont
they honour their faith in different
cierra says do you like being a priest
he says i do im very happy
she says to sami ,but you dont want to be a nun
sami says no i have respect for people who want to serve god
and help other but its not for me
cierra says she wants to light a candle in the church
she leaves
sami says i owe you an apology about nicole

jen says sorry for showing up
he says what are you doing here
jen says i feel like things were left unsaid
we have to work this out
dan says there is nothing to work out
nicole says thats what i was trying to tell her
jen says this is between dan and me
nicole says he doesnt want you here
dan says nicole give us a minute
jen is right we need to have some closure here
nicole says fine, im going
she leaves
jen says sorry i didnt know nicole was going to be here
i need you to understand why i cant leave this alone
i told you i would be here for you no matter how it turned out and i meant it

Kristen says a favour of course cuz everything you do is a favour to me and the world
mar says i owe you a favour for not telling john we had a fight
so now my hands and conscience are clear
but i will never get the picture of you brady out of my brain
but you are consenting adults, how you handle this is up to you
you can either tell john
or continue the affair and keep it a secret
kristen says thats what you want
mar says i dont give a damn
kristen says of course you do cuz as long as i continue my affair with brady that will keep me from sleeping with john
mar says john and i are in love and faithful and always will be
kristen says the same way you were faithful to roman when you slept with john
mar says i have work to do you need to go
kristen says i bet you do
she leaves
says she didnt tell him why the hell didnt she tell him
john has to know everything if this is going to work
she calls brady

brady says i think i said too much
maggie says i dont know who this person is how you know here where you met her
you dont have to talk about this
until you are ready
he says lets keep this between ourselves
she says in a perfect world the only person you have to worry about pleasing is yourself
he says we dont live in a perfect world do we
she says no we dont
she has to leave
he looks at his phone says on my way

dan says i know you want to be here for me
but im fine i dont need anybody hovering
jen says im not here cuz i feel pity
for you
he says its all in your eyes and
and face and i dont need it
you arent feeling well you should be at home resting
she says im here to tell you that you dont need to be all alone
he says im not alone
she says no
you have Nicole she is quite a woman to lean on
dan says leave her out of it
she says and i would but she is here
why is she here
he says why are you doing this its making it worse
she says so you admit there is a problem
im not going to let you shut out the world
you need your friends to help you through this
he says you mean i need you
why do you want to help me
so you can stop feeling guilty
you are not responsible
so go live your life
she says im not here because i feel guilty , im here
because i care about you
he says i dont want this i dont want you like this
if you want me to feel better then go away
Nicole is listening at the door

Brady goes to kristens
she answers the door
wearing lingerie
he says wow
she says you talk too much
she grabs him and they go in

sami says its good to have uncle Bo back and grandma
eric says you wanted to say something
sami says im not taking back what i said about nicole , i have seen too much
and so have you
you are a more forgiving man
he says we both said things we regret in the heat of the moment
she says what you said was true
the things i was saying about nicole
im not mother teresea
he says i didnt mean to hurt you
im sorry
she says i regret that i said what i said
about your decision making...your judgement
implying Nicole was taking advantage of you
you are a good person with a big heart
and i can see you were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt
he says i appreciate that
she says you really do have a gift you are good at helping people and guiding them i can see
it makes you happy
im happy for you its all i want
i want this to be the right decision for you
he says i still have the occasional selfish , not so kind
im human
she says i know you are you are still striving to be better to be unselfish and good and kind
and i admire you for that
im sorry for what i said i regret it and im proud of you
you are a priest
even if i dont get it

jen says i know what you are doing
you think if you can hurt me im going to leave and im not going
she doubles over in pain
he says whats the matter
she says my stomach hurts
im dizzy with a stupid flu
she passes out
in his arms

eric and sami go to the coffee place
she says she doesnt get it, she respects him but she is conflicted about it
you are my brother my twin i love you
but i cant imagine my life without a man and being in love and having someone to share my life with , my family
and i cant imagine you with out a girlfriend or a wife
he says stop focusing on it
and remember about me being happy and being a priest it feels right
she says i keep thinking about what ciearra said
he says when she asked you why you werent a nun
she says i was shocked when you called me and told me what you were doing
and im not the only one
anyone who expected this change
does it bother you it seems out of character
they will be shocked
he says i dont care what anyone thinks
i am secure with who i am and the choices i have made in my life
she says great it would be awful if you were having doubts
he says it would but im committed to this life as a priest
im the same guy who i have always been nothing has changed
im still me
i have the same values
she says you just dont chase girls anymore
he says no i dont im almost the same person i need to connect more with my faith ,after the things i have seen
in the Congo
its unbelievable what people can actually do to each other
i needed to understand it the world
i feel like im in the right place right now
she says is it that horrible over there
he says there are things i cant get away from
she says what things

mar and john meet in the square
she says brady showed up after i broke in and he was able to calm kristen
he wanted things to not get worse and i felt the same way
i dont expect you to understand
i felt desperate and alone
i felt i was the only one who thought krsiten had an agenda
thought if i could find some proof it would make me feel a little less alone
he says but you didnt find your proof cuz it wasnt there
she says no it wasnt
im no longer going to be worried about kristen or her plans
there is no need for that

brady and kristen
are done in bed
he says this is not what i was expecting when you sent me the text
she says i know it was kind of impulsive but i felt like i needed you
i hope you felt the same way
he says yeah i think you answered that
she says there could be worse ways to spend an afternoon
but not many as complicated
he says i was thinking about how complicated this is
she says is it too much for you
he says no
i can handle complicated and something tells me you can too
i have to have lunch with my dad and marlena
she says i dont like what im doing to you
he says i love what you are doing to me
she says im turning you into a liar
you made a commitment to live an honest life
im making you sneak around and if your heart is telling you that ,you need to tell your dad the truth, you should
you will end u hating me
i can take the flak im a big girl if you feel like you have to tell your dad
dont let me stand in your way

sami says what cant you get away from
maggie comes by and says handsome as ever ,should i call you father eric
he says you can get away with eric
you knew me since i was a boy
they talk about him being back and
getting to be a priest in salem
he tells her he is heading up the construction on the new school
says he has to meet john and his mom for lunch
sami says she cant make it has to much work to do
eric tells sami they will talk later
he leaves
maggie says must be nice to have your brother back
sami says in some ways he is the same as he was when we were growing up but in other ways he is totally different

mar says if you believe kristen has no agenda
thats good enough for me
he says i dont want anymore secrets between the 2 of us
she says thats why i told you
no maybe now that the truth is out in the open
we can move past the shock of kristen moving back to salem

brady says you are amazing and wrong
i know you think sneaking around is not the way to handle this, but the alternative would be
a lot worse
i know things are raw between marlena and you and my dad
if they found out about this they would view it as another attack
i dont want to give them another reason to put your life through hell
she says but
he says i dont want that to happen to you, i really like you and
i think we should keep this whole thing between us
she says sounds like you thought it out
he says yes my minds made up

dan hollers to Nicole
she comes in
jen is laying on the couch
nic says what happened
dan says she passed out
nic says why
he says i dont know but i need your help

brady is gone
kristen yells to herself
what do i have to do rent a billboard
since when has anybody in this stupid town been able to keep a secret
i thought marlena would crack
that brady would crack and tell john
but no
i guess i could tell himself
but its not that good

brady joins
eric and marlena and john at the square
brady says where is sami
mar says she has too much work to do
brady says more for us
mar says we should have eric say grace
before we eat
he says i would like that
they all hold hands
and eric prays

kristen says you are such an idiot its much better if john stays in the dark a little while longer, it will make the moment when he does find out the truth just that much sweeter
(love the way she says this)

sami says one thing hasnt changed my brother is just as trusting as ever
did you hear who he hired to work at the parish
maggie says yes i heard,,, Nicole
sami says when are people going to learn, when you see her you should just run

dan says she is very sick we need to get her to a hospital
its her appendix
they are going to burst
help me lift her up
she says the ferry is leaving
he says no she needs to be in a hospital now
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