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Love Kristen's "evil" rant at the end. Stay evil, Kristen! Don't lose your edge!

So tired of John basically dismissing Marlena's concerns over Kristen, though. Hey John...if Marlena befriended Stefano, told you not to talk bad about him, dismissed your feelings about him after all the evil crap he did to you, how would you feel? You would think Marlena was being an idiot and you would also be hurt that she gave Stefano the benefit of the doubt over you, since you are the love of her life.

And if this situation was reversed --- if you had broken into Stefano'a hotel room because no one would believe he was evil, would you expect Marlena to chastise you? To say "Oh honey, I can't believe you would so such a horrible thing! Breaking into poor Steffie's room." Of course not! So why are you bein so damn judgemental? You should be HELPING her and PROUD of her ingenuity!! After all, you've done it yourself! Support your wife, John!

And Sami...STFU about Nicole. Can't wait until Sami falls flat on her face.

Rant over.
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