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Viewing Single Post From: John crashes Brady & Kristen's love nest

Dec 6 2012, 03:49 PM
Dec 6 2012, 02:25 PM
how predictable that Kristen ends up falling for Brady after only initially sleeping with him to try to make John jealous.
That's what I don't like.

I was only okay with Kristen and Brady because I was under the impression that Kristen was using him to get to John and they weren't being built as a legitimate couple, but now she's actually falling for him. Whatever plans she had will fall to the wayside and she'll be turned into to a weepy lovesick mess over a man who isn't worth it a la Nicole Walker. Such a shame.
See, I think they have chemistry....but I just don't want Kristen redeemed. She works best as a vixen. I still want her plotting and scheming for her own selfish gain. If they want to give Brady an "edge" to make them work, fine. Just don't change Kristen's character. Don't make her sweet and nice to do it. Keep her manipulate.
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