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Dec 4 2012, 07:51 AM
The gift that keeps on giving.
Nick gets a romantic gift for Gabi while Sami drags Rafe into wedding planning. That puts EJís nose out of joint. The wedding is already sticking in Chadís craw. He ruins Will and Sonnyís Christmas tree contemplations to spew Gabi hate. He tells Sonny all about Gabiís various misdeeds. That makes the Kiriakis uncomfortable, especially since Will is supposed to be the best man. That was Sami and Carolineís idea, in spite of the bride and groomís objections. Will tries to run away from the madness. He only bumps into Chad, who wonders why heís in the middle of the Gabi and Nick baby fiasco. Gabi later shows up and is disturbed by how smug Chad is being. Her day already sucks since Sonny has started treating her like something he stepped in. She has some words with him and says she wonít let Chad ruin her life. She and Nick meet with Eric to discuss the wedding. Later, Will admits to Nick that heís not sure he can stand up for him at the ceremony. Gabi assures him everything will be cool.
Kristen tries to loop Chad into the DiMera holiday spectacular. Heís not interested in celebrating, just ruining Gabiís life. That sounds like the same thing to his sister. Meanwhile, Sonny has told his father what Gabi did. Justin decides to have a chat with Chad. He angrily warns the DiMera that harassing Gabi is a breach of the contract he signed. Abby witnesses this and wonders whatís going on. Chad asks her out instead of explaining. Gabi might screw things up for herself though. During the wedding planning, she lets a few things slip that put a crimp in the coherency of her story. Nick arrives in time to cover and claims that they slept together within hours of meeting. Rafe is appalled. Nick assures the bride-to-be that her brother will get over thinking that sheís a skanky hipster. Meanwhile, Sonny and Will fight about Gabi. Will refuses to be told what to do. When Sami drops by to ask Sonny to be an usher, he refuses.
Days of our lives? NO! Days of Gabi Hernandez lives. It makes my stomach turn.
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