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Wait? What?

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I've never had a lot of love for Bo though I do think it's unfortunate to have another vet bite the dust. Do Bo fans think it's better or worse that he's being given similar treatment to Mickey rather than being killed off?
worse, because it leaves Hope in romantic limbo. not that we really need yet another love something on this show, but it means that we don't get to see Hope in any romantic scenes - no chit chat in bed, no coffee dates, no romantic evenings out, no Valentine's Day, etc. plus, at the moment, Bo leaving has left Hope in no-story-land. TomSell have barely used Hope since Bo left. We saw a bit of her with Jen & Nicole, a few episodes with Marlena & John, one with Abe/Kayla/Theo/Ciara, and a few with Eric, plus her 2 scenes with Nick.
better, because it leaves the door open for Peter to return if he so desired, though on Days, being dead has never stopped anyone from coming back. I'd honestly rather have Bo presumed dead, Hope figure out how to move on (and i don't specifically mean romantically), and then have Bo come back at some point down the line.
Thanks for answering, I appreciate your response. I edited my original post to say "nevermind - delete" because I didn't want to stray too far off-topic in this thread, but I am genuinely interested in responses to the question.

Also - I love your banner. KA looks fabulous!
since Bo is mentioned in the episode, it's a fair question to ask. I know that most people i've asked have said that they were disappointed with the exit, especially since the impression Peter has given is that he's done, but we know from some of Kristian's interviews that Peter was torn about leaving, which is probably why Corday made sure that there was a possibility for Peter to return if he so chose to.
more on the topic of the episode itself, it's funny that Sami thinks it's a great thing that Bo is back in Salem. I didn't realize that the two of them interacted a lot when they weren't seen. lol.

thanks for the banner compliments. the stills are from a few months ago when she was on The Shopping Channel. The woman truly defies the laws of aging. lol.
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