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Dec 6 2012, 05:24 PM
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I really like the sound of the episode. Im interested if Jennifer Daniel or anyone else will even care that nicole helps save her life or if it will be all about our hero Jennifer
:blink: Of course it will only be about Dannifer, Jennifer the hero, Jennifer the great, Jennifer the :x Daniel the damsel in distress, Daniel the Saint, Daniel the :x

And of course Nicole will only be mentioned after Daniel starts ranting to Jennifer about Nicole trying to kick her out and Nicole said he hates her. :blah: :blah: :blah:

Nicole the prop for Dannifer, Nicole the prop for Ejami, Nicole the prop for blame to all the good hypocrites of Salem. And just for good measure SAMI's tyrade about Nicole :sheep: :wow: :omg: She keeps hanging around Father Eric and saying those things and lighting may strike her DEAD.
Even worse will be if Jennifer and nicole become friends because she helps save her. that would really piss me off after the way Jennifer treated her. Besides I like bad Nicole. Why does she have to have this redemption thing going on anyway? I want her to be holding a grudge against Jennifer for years to come.
I want the old Nicole back the one that called Jennifer out on screwing ALL his patients, and would have bitch slapped Jenn for all her whiney ass crap and told her Daniel would be so proud of how she's taken his death.

I am sick to death of Nicole apologizing to ME most of who have done just as bad. Has Jennifer apologized to Lucas or EJ for that matter for sleeping with their wives???? Has Rafe apologized to EJ for trying to take his kids???? Has Gaby apologized to Jenn and Abby for her part in Daniel's death???? Has Sami ever truly apologized to any of her victims???? The list goes on and on, yet Saint Eric only thinks Nicole should grovel to ME. :flipoff:
OKay won't edit but line should read

I want the Nicole that told Jennifer off for screwing all his patients and would have bitch slapped Jenn for her whiney ass crap and how proud Daniel would be on how she's taken his death.
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