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I'm not a big shipper but for a long time I did like the idea if EJ and Sami together but unless there is more profound discussion between the two about their sordid history I really don't care. I don't like the on/off schmoopy stupidness of their relationship(or any relationship for that matter).

I liked the idea of a sordid affair between the two because as a secret relationship they could have been smokin' and only semi-addressed their history. If they want a romantic relationship for these two anti-heroes it needs to loose the saccharin coating.

Actually I think that's what ruins most if these couples, the instantaneous nature of true love and happiness over the process of working through the challenges. It removes all drama and payoff.
I agree with much of this. I'm still sucked in fairly easily by decent EJami scenes and although I've yet to see the scenes for today's show they sound good. However, this is far from my preferred story for EJami. My concern is TPTB feel that in order to go with EJami they have to change EJ into a dull as dishwater Brady wanna-be instead of having Sami embrace her legendary vixen side. A big part of the allure of EJami for me in the beginning was both characters were fun villains. Sami hasn't been a villain in ages, and EJ's villain skills have been seriously muted. I'd have no problem watching EJami wreak havoc on the people around them while still having one another's back. (and front ;) ) Unfortunately, I've given up hope we'll ever see them go there.
Agreed. Can't EJ being, well, powerful and sexy and charming be enough? Can't he have a relationship(s) with another woman (or women) that makes Sami wonder what's she's missing? I like to think that if EJ finally "found himself" and acted more like Sami's boss, she'd be intrigued enough to forget about, um, that other sap.

That being said, I saw bits of the show today and all I could think of was how HORRID Sami looked. She wears the most awful clothes that have so sense of class or "young executive". The skirt looked way too tight and the the yellow made her look like a big bee.

Now, about a secret EJ/Sami relationship. It could be delicious - if it were behind St. Rafe and Marlena's backs.
Yes to your comments about the way Sami dresses.Chloe looked better when she was going out as a hooker.
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