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Miss Rhi
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Queen B
Dec 7 2012, 12:07 AM
MM is usually my least favourite actor to talk about but have you guys been reading his tweets lately? I'm sure he means well and he's trying to clear the air or something but he's acting like a teenager who can't get away from social media. he's going on and on about his personal issues, I just think it's really unprofessional and maybe he should get a shrink instead of using twitter to spew his bullshit..
Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
Random: Sometimes I'm convinced I'm the worst person I've ever met...

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
...there are a lot of times I am the most abrasive person I know. And I hate that about myself. And others (rightfully) do too...

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
...I get too defensive, I over-compensate, I'm insecure, I feign confidence, I have rejection issues, and at times I'm just not nice...

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
...there are times in my life that I get reflective and really really wish I were someone else...

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
...I figured if I was brave enough to tweet this out to the world, it would challenge me to become a better person. Less of an asshole...

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
...so let's see if I can keep a promise to myself: I want to be a better human being. #wishMEluck #iNEEDit
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