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SNS Spoilers wk 12/17

Brooke feels guilty about the kiss with Bill, and tells Katie. But is furious with Taylor for having put the idea of an affair between her and Bill into Katie's mind.

Brooke blames Taylor for "sticking her nose where it doesn't belong." But Bill is comforted by Katie's forgiveness.

Katie is not too happy when she sees Bill's attitude towards those who she cares for.

Both Thomas and Rick wonder about who the winner of the fashion competition is.

Rick finally admits to Hope that he lied about Liam and Steffy

Hope tells Liam she knows about Rick's lies, and apologizes for having doubted him.

Steffy is super confident about the state of her relationship with Liam.

Caroline has some very stern words for Steffy

Steffy threatens Caroline to choose family over love.

Bill is fearful that Caroline might blabber to the wrong person

Episode Titles and Previews

12/17, Katie questions Brooke about her feelings for Bill; Caroline delivers some harsh words to Steffy.

(Guilty Feelings)
12/18, Rick feels awful when he sees how sad Hope is without Liam; Brooke and Taylor's feud continues.

12/19, Katie becomes wary of Bill after she hears his conversation with Caroline; Rick tells Brooke that he is going to come clean to Hope.

(Early Arrival)
12/20, Steffy is pleasantly surprised when Liam comes home early from a business trip; Rick reveals the truth to Hope.

(Looking for Liam)
12/21, Hope apologizes to Liam for not believing in him; Eric and Pam make plans for their first Christmas without Stephanie.

Daily Spoilers wk of 12/17

12/17, Katie confronts Brooke about her feelings for Bill; Caroline warns Steffy about crossing a Spencer.

12/18, Rick feels guilty about Hope missing Liam; accusations revive Brooke and Taylor's rivalry.

12/19, Bill speaks against Caroline, making Katie suspicious; Rick tells Brooke he plans to do the right thing by his sister.

12/20, Liam returns from his trip; Hope learns the truth about the conspiracy against her.

12/21, Hope goes to Liam to share what she has learned and apologize; Eric and Pam prepare for Christmas without Stephanie.

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