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In the December 17th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article entitled: "Eric Takes Charge."

Stephanie’s will leave the family stunned when she leaves a DVD about the change in her will. She stuns them by saying:

“I’m changing what I did years ago. I gave Thomas my shares in the company, but I was actually manipulation you, Thomas and I’m taking them back because I think, as talented and as smart as you are, that its asking too much of you at this age to start running this company.”

Eric is especially shocked when Stephanie leaves him all of her shares making him the new CEO. It’s a moment where everybody goes “What the Hell?” However, Eric is thrilled and touched that she’s given one last great gesture to the company, which was a big part of who they were together.

"His heart explodes with love and gratitude. Stephanie gave him a reason to live and a real focus on the future."

Rick is happy because it takes Thomas out of the chair but Thomas is freaking out. There’s a lot of back and forth about the future of the company. So Eric comes up with a plan, A Fashion Showdown, with Brooke/Rick/Hope on one side, Thomas/Steffy on the other.

Eric’s goal is to teach them how to conduct business without drawing blood and focus on what’s best for the company.

For more pick up the latest issue of SOD.

Please Credit Daytime Royalty if you Decide to Copy and Post Elsewhere.. Would be greatly appreciated.. Lots of work typing these articles. :)
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