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I don't mind the filters. Especially since they've been used before for comic relief on the site, and comic relief can be a good thing. I just wish these were funnier and didn't all start with the same four letters. Not sure, but I think two of the three are identical. #confusing

As for today's episode, it's just another round of Jacknifer running away from his problems and Jackiel chasing after him. If only Jackiel spent even a fraction of the time thinking about Jackiel and her children as she does about Jacknifer and Jacknifer's problems and Jacknifer's feelings and Jacknifer's life, then Jackiel would be the beloved character we all remember. But no. It's Jacknifer, Jacknifer, Jacknifer all day every day for Jackiel. Even when Jackiel talks to others, it's only to talk about Jacknifer's feelings and how Jacknifer must be feeling right now and how she, Jackiel, wants what's best for him, Jacknifer. Jacknifer saved Jackiel's life, after all. Where would Jackiel be without Jacknifer?

(Is this the kind of thing you mean?)

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