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In the December 17th issue of Soap Opera Digest, it features an article entitled: "Billís Big Secret"

Brooke and Bill played it cool in front of Katie in the wake of their impromptu kiss following Stephanieís death. Bill is happy Katie is back and appears to be well, but heís like, is she really okay? Itís really awkward, when Katie was like ďIím back and Iím great.Ē Bill wonders will she go off the deep end again.

Billís complicated feelings toward his wife and his sudden closeness with Brooke sets him on edge. ďHe doesnít want to make a mountain out of a molehill,Ē says DD. ďIt was an extraordinary circumstance and it was not a big deal," they were dealing with lots of emotions.

Yet, he doesnít want to come clean about the kiss; there is no reason to do so. He has a closeness with Brooke that he didnít have before but it not necessary romantic. He doesnít want to lose his marriage over it. So he and Brooke decide to keep quiet.

for more pick up the latest SOD.

Please Credit Daytime Royalty if you Decide to Copy and Post Elsewhere.. Would be greatly appreciated.. Lots of work typing these articles. :)
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