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Ok, those spoilers are good, glad to see Sonny getting involved. People are starting to get suspicious of Nik and Kim Kardashian. Things are starting to eat at Will I knew he wouldn't be able to go through with this sham for long. Don't want to see Will and Sonny fight but if it brings us closer to this storyline ending good. Love that Chad tells Sonny and Sonny goes to Justin probably to ask legal questions and glad to see Abby getting involved and Chad ask her out interesting maybe Chad comes as Abby date. Sonny says no to be an usher you go Sonny blow Kim Kardashian out of the water. I will be so glad when the truth comes out and ME knows. I still think that Sonny is going to figure out that Nik is not the babies dad before the wedding but not know that Will is. Chad is already suspicious and sound like Abby may be too. Now its starting to get good people are wondering and talking. Will don't get mad at Sonny because he is trying to protect you from Kim Kardashian if you want to get mad, get mad at Nik and Kim Kardashian and tell the truth please ,tell the truth. Who will spill first Will, Sonny or Chad? Poor Will having to stand up there with them knowing this is wrong Will is going to crack you can just see it coming, YES, YES, YES.
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