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No one cares if you bash anyone. If you've bothered to read anyone else's posts, you'd see that many of the "biased" people agree with you. What we care about is the constant spamming and trolling of every thread. Once the filters are removed, we'll just be removing members who continue to break the rules and ignore the moderators. In the meantime the filters are giving a fresh perspective on the repetitive stuff the rest of us have been wading through for the last several months.
It's difficult to avoid repetitive comments when one gets repetitive storylines/spoilers/dialogue for the same characters on a weekly/monthly basis which is a consistent complaint in most threads.The only winning strategy is not to play (comment).
or FILTER....either we don't comment or we FILTER....

I vote for FILTERING
I think you make an excellent point, BeeBee. And the threads in question were either entirely about or at least largely about Rose Blossom and Orangeglow's ridiculous "love" and stupid story, so what kind of comments are those spoilers, recaps, SOD summaries expected to garner? Now, I'm a Deveraux/JnJ fan, so maybe that negates my opinion, but I found people complaining about Rose Blossom and Orangeglow to be more entertaining than people going on about filtered names. If nothing else, the joking about the filtering seems at least as repetitive, but I guess it's something new for now and that some are really loving it, so I guess that's nice.
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