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Dec 7 2012, 11:04 AM
Dec 7 2012, 10:55 AM
Dec 7 2012, 10:44 AM
Some of my most memorable time here at DR was when the filters were on in 2011 for a few days. It was HILARIOUS. Remember this? For those that weren't around....try to see who the hell we are talking about, it's not too hard to figure out:

Those were funny, thanks for sharing. I had several reactions as I read them:

-- fams and message boards resorting to this type of thing wouldn't happen if the writing weren't so abysmal.
-- April 2011 was at the height of dissatisfaction of that writing regime, so people were more than fed up.
-- One month later, that writing regime was out.
-- Surely, the filtering on DR and the decision at Days to fire the writers are directly connected. One can only Nighttime Gina history repeats itself!

Oh, and, filtered or not, the spoilers sounded better back then than the ones we are getting now -- although admittedly some are basically the same ole, same ole.

April of 2011 wasn't the height of dissatisfaction. That came in the summer, it's just that there was new Nighttime Gina by then. But the filters didn't have anything to do with that. The filters were a reaction to people have the same arguments and posting the same repetative comments in every thread regardless of what the thread was actually about. The filters worked to at least make reading those same comments mildly to hilariously entertaining for the rest of us.
I was kidding, but thanks for correcting me on the timeframe. Seems like there had to be some negativity that built up to the actual firing decision. No surprise that it continued to get even worse after that.

I still maintain that the vociferous and repetitive posting about the same stuff day after day has a direct correlation to the lack of quality and lack of care in the writing. The worse it gets the more people howl in outrage until one or more step back and finally see how totally ridiculous the whole mess is... which it is.

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