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Friday CAN/Monday US rediculous

I missed the first 15 or 20 minutes, maybe someone will add that part, I came in as Noah was telling Sharon, I will be your touchstone, let me help you. Sharon is very upset, she is scared, Noah tells her not to be scared, I am your touchstone and they don't get scared, she wonders if she will ever get better, he tells her she will, just keep taking your meds, she is terrified she may have to go back to Fairview, he promises her he will never let that happen. Wow, SC is acing those scenes!!!

Billy and Victoria, he is dancing to Island music, she begins to laugh and begins dancing with him, they are laughing and having fun, he tells her they should go away together, a new beginning, but she tells him she is not ready, and goes upstairs.

Nick and Avery, he is questioning her about her ex, does she ever have contact with him, she tells him no, let's let the past be the past, meanwhile Summer is in Avery's storage area reading her letters, one from someone named Gillan or something like that.

Adam and Chelsea,Adam begging Chelsea not to leave him, Sharon messes with my mind he tells, her, he also tells her that Sharon instigated the kiss . He tells her he fell in love with her when he pulled her from the pond that was his iconic moment , hers was when he helped her pass her GED's. You have to make a choice Adam she tells him, I have made my choice, that's why I'm here. They make headway until Chelsea begins putting Sharon down, calling her crazy, he gets angry at that, I love you Chelsea, I want to be with you, you have to trust me, he tells her again that the Newman's must not know that Sharon burned down the Ranch, he tells her that Sharon will not come between them again, he goes upstairs, Chelsea leaves and the last scene is her standing outside Victor and Nikki's penthouse.
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