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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of December 10th

Dec 7 2012, 07:25 PM
Dec 7 2012, 01:52 PM
Ugh, looks like we are embarking on the next annual Teapot redemption story. For the record, I really don't care if they decide to redeem Teapot - he's been a pretty half-ass villain for a long time now anyway. But if they want to redeem him, then fucking do it right! Give him an actual redemption arc, have it take time, have him truly try to atone for his sins, and don't make it because of some woman! These temporary redemptive arcs they take him on so he can get into somebody's knickers, only to have some big plan blow up in his face are killing me. Commit to the character either way, writers!
I agree he has been a pretty half-ass villain, but the last thing I want is a redemption story. ^o) What fun is he then? JS can rock the villain vibe so much better and it's pure delight to watch when he does. Right now he is beyond boring and even more glaringly with his sneaky sister's antics smokin up the screen. The writers need to spend a weekend marathon watching film noir, get inspired and give JS material to rival his wicked sister. We don't need another 'good guy'. These writers have already shown they have no skill in elevating the heroes as it is, so why would I want another hum-drum dude just so he can play kissy face with a clean conscience? It's a pathetic road they've put him on.

I'm so disappointed we have months of this to endure. Corday should be locked up in a stock for as much time as this plays out then slammed in a barrel and thrown over Niagara Falls.

Kooky Grandma suddenly delivering the warm fuzzies is just another character insult. Write your story with all it's gaps and holes, but don't mess with character continuity. It comes off disingenuous. The whole push of 'My Granddaughter is just like me because of my past' doesn't cut it when the stories have played out completely different. I thought we got rid of that ridiculousness when MarDar got the boot.
Word. I have zero desire to see Teapot redeemed. I want him to remain a "gray"
villain. NOT a hero.
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