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Sammie Jo
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Miss Rhi
Dec 7 2012, 07:37 PM
Sammie Jo
Dec 7 2012, 07:32 PM
Dec 7 2012, 09:18 AM
I really prefer seeing Chelsea with Adam than Sharon with Adam.
And of course Chelsea certainly dont seem the type that Crybaby Horton constantly embrace someone after they have crossed her - and that includes the husband. In other words, she isn't Victoria - her husband ran off, get another woman pregnant, then kidnapped by the said husband gambling buddies etc.
Anyway, I really dont care which way the people in charge go. Because eventually they Crybaby Horton write someone that not ME is happy about.
what billy did is not that simple, yes he ran away, but Grumpy Pants, paid chelsea to seduce him, and she did so by drugging him, I wouldn't count that as a cheat.
Jack paid off all of Billy's gambling debts except that one because the guy was in jail, evidently forever, why pay him?
Agreed, they Crybaby Horton never please all of us at once. lol
Grumpy Pants is for Grumpy Pants on Days but it works for Y&R's Grumpy Pants too.... :blulaugh:
omg, what is going on, I wrote w i l l and got c r y b a b y h o r t o n.
Too funny about the g r u m p y p a n t s. :D
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