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I think she was completely malicious. (and so does twitter it seems) There was a look of glee in her eyes as Lisa was backed into a corner to reveal what Alexia should have done herself, before going to every0ne else and laughing about it behind her back. Even as she was finally talking to Karent face to face about the situation she was confrontational instead of compassionate. Who does that when you're trying to tell someone they're being cheated on?!

I congratulate Karent on keeping herself collected. Alexia, Adrianna, and Ana didn't deserve to get the reaction they were craving. The extent they've gone to villify Karent has really soured me on them, sure she's annoying but the worst that can be said about the woman is she's a media whore and who goes on a RHO show that isn't? The level of bullying about every little thing has been rather uncomfortable to watch, IMO.

And I just can't stand Alexia. I didn't watch the first season, maybe she was different, but she's so obnoxious here. She declines to join the cast full time over her injured son yet has been at every party, event, and trip making it a point to be the centre of drama and controntation and then brings ME to her house where her son is supposed to be recovering knowing they'd fight. It's crazy. And her other son is organizing bum fights! The woman's a trashbag.
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