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Y & R - December 7, 2012 via Bonnie's Blog

Billy has arranged a Jamaican party for Vicky's return. Nick and Avery are snuggling on the sofa as they talk about Victor being right in his element. Nick knows what Sharon is dealing with - he can put a name to it. Avery talks about how she took the news about her father - similar situations. Avery is ready to listen to what ails Sharon when he's ready. Knock at Avery's door - its Summer. She wants to talk to Avery about Chelsea. Adam and Sharon are kissing just as Chelsea walks in - she says they really should close the door next time. Chelsea is furious and wants to leave but Adam grabs her.

Billy offers Vicky a drink with an umbrella. He wants to show her how much they love each other. They reminisce about their wedding - can they go back there for a little while to remind each other what they had.

Summer is embarrassed to see Nick there. He says its nothing and she's about to go but Nick wants her to stay and he offers to leave her with Avery to talk. Nick realizes how upsetting it was for her to see Chelsea at the party. Nick says she will have to give Chelsea some time. Summer says she killed her baby - she's never going to forgive her.

Chelsea wants to leave. Sharon says its her fault, Adam tries to intervene and she slaps him.

Vicky tells Billy all about the fabulous housewarming - Adam was there! Billy would rather drink but Vicky says Sharon crashed the party. He's sorry he made her go - last person she wanted to see was Sharon but it did give him time to set up Jamaica. Vicky is tired and she goes upstairs to check on Johnny leaving Billy alone with 2 drinks.

Avery makes Summer a hot chocolate. Nick tries to reassure Summer that she's not a terrible person. Summer says she was blaming her Mother but it was her fault - she caused the accident. She wasn't watching where she was going but she never expected ..... Nick says she's not alone. It was tragic and Chelsea has to heal, but so does she. Summer brings up Cassie - you never get over it. Nick says you have to move on but Summer thinks Chelsea will always hate her.

Chelsea calls Adam a lying son-of-a-bitch. Sharon tells him to go after Chelsea now and he does.

Vicky comes down after checking Johnny. The party was so bad - she always get slapped in the face whenever she's with her family - it still hurts so much. They hug as Billy comforts her. Nick tells Summer they don't hate her - she's their supergirl and Phyllis and him will always thinks about her that way. Avery chimes in - her parents love her. She knows, but seeing Chelsea was really scary. It hurts her so much that she starts thinking everyone hates her. She hates herself for what she did. Nick says Chelsea may never forgive her but she has to forgive herself. Summer says its too hard - maybe she's not worth it. Nick tells her she can think that - she can't know the Summer he knows and reminisces about when she started riding her bike. Nick talks about all the things his daughter loves - he remembers everything - its right here in his heart. Very heartwarming scene and they hug.

Sharon is rocking on her sofa and there's a knock at her door. Its Noah - she thought it was someone else (Adam). He asks where Adam is. Sharon said he left. Noah asks what he did to her. Chelsea already has her bags packed - she's leaving him - she should have done it weeks ago.

Vicky breaks away from Billy - she shouldn't have had that drink - it made her sad. Billy says she has a right to be sad - the secret keeping thing. Vicky is reminiscing on their trip to Jamaica and the silly things they did on that trip. Flashbacks to the party in Jamaica. That's where she fell in love with him.

Avery is cooking for Nick and Summer. Summer can't stay - she's meeting a friend for pizza but she was glad he was there to talk to and they hug and she leaves.

Sharon tells Noah that Adam did nothing to her - its not him, its her - its not working anymore, her touchstone, its supposed to calm her - it was her Dr.'s idea. Faith's drawing was her touchstone but its not making her feel any better. Sharon is freaking out and Noah can't calm her down. She tries to find something else and she's trashing her desk. Noah again tries to reassure her - maybe she needs a real thing - he's there - let him help her.

Adam asks Chelsea what he can do to stop her. Adam says he came home to her. He's not in a relationship with Sharon - it was a stupid kiss and it will not happen again. Chelsea can't believe he dumped her at the party to go after Sharon. Adam says Sharon was in a terrible state and Chelsea could see that at the party. Adam says she kissed him and it caught him off guard but Chelsea wants him to admit he was as much into the kiss as Sharon was.

Billy and Vicky are talking about how much they love each other. Vicky is about to say something but Billy jumps up and they start dancing - she watches him do the chicken and she laughs at him and then they dance together. Avery tells Nick he's a good man and a good father and seals it with a kiss. Nick is grateful that Summer had Aunt Avery to turn to - she's great with kids - she's a natural. Does she have any? Avery says she had one - Nancy Drew, her imaginary child as a kid.

Sharon can see Noah is scared - he's trembling. He says its okay - he's her touchstone now. Sharon says she's done awful things and even when she tries to apologize they think she's crazy. Noah says she has a mood disorder which can be managed. Sharon is not so sure - is she ever going to get better?

Adam tells Chelsea that Sharon messes with her mind. Chelsea says that's not all she messes with. Adam tries to explain - the moment he rescued her in the freezing water was the moment he realized was the only one he could not be without. He realized right then that he loved her - that was his iconic moment that changed everything and if he lost her ...... He was consoling Sharon and then she was there - the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life - please do not walk out this door.

Billy and Vicky are drunk and dancing and laughing.

Avery tells Nick she learned to love cooking by dreaming of an Easy Bake oven. She reminisces about her childhood and how her Dad would not buy her one. Nick is worried about Sharon - Avery understands. He will always be tied to Phyllis and Sharon. Avery knows that. He asks if she still keeps in touch with her ex. Avery says no - there's no children to bind us. It was a long time ago and didn't end well - Avery says she made some mistakes. He asks who her first love was but she doesn't want to talk about it.

Summer is in the warehouse and calls someone - she accidentally knocks a box over. She finds some letters.

Chelsea says she should have never listened to him. The day he encouraged her to get her GED - that's the picture in her head when everything changed for her. She thought they were a perfect match. But there's a third person tagging along - Chelsea thinks she'll be committed soon but Adam disagrees. He thought she might do something harmful - he can't have it both ways - he has to make a choice. Adam says he's made his choice but he wants to stop bad mouthing Sharon. Chelsea asks why he's still defending her. Adam doesn't like her saying that Sharon will be committed. Chelsea briings up the fire - Adam said they were never going to talk about that again. Chelsea calls her a psychopath - Sharon needs patience and understanding and she's lacking that. Chelsea says she's scared - she's never loved anyone as much as him - love is meaningless without trust. Its hard to trust him. Adam says Sharon doesn't have to get in between them - if there's love and trust. He says he loves her and she has to trust him. Adam goes upstairs to change and Chelsea goes out (she doesn't take her suitcases).

Billy asks Victoria to go back to Jamaica - they can forget about their families. Vicky says she can't - she's not ready. She goes upstairs.

Nick and Avery still talking - he wants to know everything about her. Avery says he's the one that has said they should leave the past in the past and move on and he starts kissing her neck. Avery has a big day tomorrow so she has to call it a night. Everything is fine and she kisses him good night. Summer is reading the letter she found - its Avery's warehouse she's in and the letter are to Avery from Dillon - who is Dillon. Noah makes Sharon a cup of tea - she will get better. Give the meds a chance - they'll pay off. Noah won't let anything bad happen to her.

Chelsea is at Victor and Nikki's apartment and she goes to ring the bell but hesitates.

In the preview Paul and Chris talk, Neil argues with Devon about work, and Victor asks Nick if he's protecting Sharon at his expense.
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