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Dec 8 2012, 03:59 AM
Chelsea Crybaby Horton be a big fool if she believes Adam. He isn't going to stay away from Sharon. Hell he is still defending Sharon to her. The lying son of a bitch even has to say that Sharon kissed him to forget it and it meant nothing to him. Chelsea don't leave those bags. Pick them up and go. IF she doesn't take the bags and goes to Grumpy Pants and Nikki then I Nighttime Gina she tells them that Sharon set the fire that burnt down the ranch and she warned sharon to stay away from Adam and yet Sharon would still call Adam every time she needed help. Then Adam would bust his sorry butt to help her. Tell Nikki and Grumpy Pants about the fire and let them deal with Adam and Sharon. IT is time this shit stopped and Chelsea should be the one that stops it.

Snoopy Summer needs to keep her ass out of Avery's warehouse storage room. How the hell did she get the key anyway. I guess she stole it because I am sure no way that Avery wants Summer snooping around looking into her personal possessions.

Thanks Daytime. Looks pretty good except much of the SOS.
Of course this is the logical course of action but knowing these writers, they won't go there. They gonna have her comin back to his lying ass sooner or later, like all those other women do. Could this guy be more insincere? Chelsea is the one he can't live without?? He just said the same thing to Sharon last week!! :flipoff: She better come back for those bags!
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