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The only thing worse than the continued proppage of Douchiel as this paragon of all manly virtues is the deterioration of Ms. Horton into a pathetic, desperate, needy shell of her former self. Here's a character who once had spunk, autonomy, agency, and a life that encompassed friends, family, and a career, as well as romance.

Leaving aside for now how she's disrespecting her late husband's memory, their love, and the life they shared by literally pursuing another man minutes after his untimely death, she's pretty much turned her back on everything else that mattered to her for Dr. Whorange. She's dropped her journalism career--a big shame because she was actually good at it--in order to hang around the hospital where Douchiel works and be a glorified pencil pusher, a job she previously had to resign from after she compromised the hospital's reputation. She pays scant attention to her daughter--does she even know Abigail got dumped by her boyfriend?--and no attention at all to her son. Hell, she was ready to abandon them both and go to jail for something she didn't do just to keep Dr. Sleaze from moving to Hawaii with another woman. She only talks to her family and friends when it concerns You-Know-Who--I'm surprised the Random 5-Minute Book Club meeting didn't end up being all about him, somehow.

All her life now revolves around protecting Douchiel, saving Douchiel, helping Douchiel, making sure Douchiel isn't alone . . . even when Douchiel asks her to back off and give him some space! No wonder Anne at the hospital continually rips her a new one--she keeps taking off all this time from work to follow Douchiel around, even stalking him to a damned island, where he's gone to get away from her! Not even acute appendicitis, which ought to have had her flat on her back from the start, can stop her from being with him "for his own good." She's more relentless than Inspector Javert pursuing Jean Valjean!

This degree of slavish devotion isn't normal, healthy, or functional, let alone romantic--and I'm appalled that T&W seem to think it is. Or that it's the rightful due of their Golden Boy to have two formerly strong women losing their spines and their marbles over him. And I have a sinking feeling that Ms. Horton's obsessive behavior is only going to get worse once Douchiel's bodacious ex-wife returns and his ever-roving eye strays to her instead.
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