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TFP. I would like to be hopeful about the genre's future, and FV/RC have certainly done some things right with GH. But this article... That first quote from the programming executive was so clueless! It gave me a sense that they're all smug and self-congratulatory without really having learned anything.

Basically, there was a slight uptick in ratings in some demographic categories after a really bumpy year. But the real story, imo, is not that soaps are getting a lot better, but rather talk shows are getting worse! lol. So these soap execs can relax and take a breather without feeling so pressured that they'll be replaced by a cheaply produced talk show. But it doesn't seem to me that they (especially Days execs) are going to use that reprieve to actually make their programming better. We'll see.

Oh, and this one caught my attention: "the coveted daytime demographic of women aged 25-to-54" Hadn't heard that one before.

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