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Dec 7 2012, 10:41 AM
Dec 7 2012, 10:38 AM
Yeah . . . but look at that spoiler. Teapot being "bad" and "malicious" is down to trying to get Friends and Mothers to date Eyebrows Magoo and not trying to make Eyebrows Magoo look bad. Really? This is what villains do now? The dude is a wimpy excuse for a DiMera at this point.
But a HAWT wimpy excuse for a DiMera.

Lets not forget that.
For me, E.J.'s always been a pathetic excuse for a DiMera, because he refuses to own up to his shit. When he's caught, he turns into a sniveling, whiny person who doesn't hesitate to get down on his knees (literally) and beg for forgiveness. C had's more of a DiMera than E.J. is -- at least he never resorted to getting down on his knees and tearfully begging M elanie to forgive him, and he gets major points from me for calling E.J. a coward a few months ago (although he was wrong about E.J. being exactly like S tefano -- that's an insult to a great villain).

I'm sure that someone w ill correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can recall, I've never seen S tefano or V ictor get down on their knees and beg someone to forgive them for doing something wrong. Even after the egg debacle, V ictor accepted full responsibility and basically reminded M aggie that when she had agreed to marry him, she had been fully aware that he had once been a different person. He didn't want to lose her, but he was willing to accept that fate with dignity -- he certainly wasn't going to get down on his knees and beg her to forgive him.

I do think that part of the blame is on James Scott's shoulders, though. The writing is one thing, but I doubt that the scripts are telling James to get down on his knees and cry his eyes out every time his cookie is taken away from him. I also don't think that James is "HAWT" (or even hot), so that doesn't absolve him of his pathetic actions.

(Yes, I realize that my favorite character/actor on the show has done his fair share of crying scenes in the past year and a half, but the difference is that W ill was dealing with real problems of identity that he had no control over, and he was never even remotely attempting to be a villain. It's not that I don't think that men should cry -- I simply don't think that villains should cry when their own villainous acts backfire.)
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