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Well, after almost a year it looks like my journey through the Cul-de-Sac is finally over. I'm actually kind of bummed out. These characters really grew on me. The best part of the finale, by far, was bringing back both Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills. A finale without them would have left me unsatisfied. I whipped through the last couple episodes of season fourteen and finished "Back to the Cul-de-Sac" a few hours ago. Lots of great moments! I particularly loved the final few minutes of the movie where both Karen and Abby found out they were about to become grandmothers. The look on Donna's face was PRICELESS and it's nice to think of these characters continuing on in a whole new generation.

I actually found myself lost and decided to watch the pilot over again. It was so funny to see exactly how much this show had evolved over a fourteen year span. I had also COMPLETELY forgot that Sid had another daughter, Annie. She could've been an interesting character to bring on down the line, particularly given what happened to her father nearly a year later.

I'm definitely glad that I ended up sticking with it after the first two seasons. Well worth it! I have to find something else to fill my craving now. Lol!
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