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[quoteCrybaby HortonampDudley Do-RightDec 8 2012, 08:18 PM]
Dec 7 2012, 10:10 AM
Teasers via SOD

12/12, K risten invites C had to join the family for the holidays

I really h ope that we get to see the DiMera mansion set again soon. It probably won't happen until S tefano returns to Salem, but I don't want K risten to live in a hotel room for the next year.[/quote]


No DiMera mansion for the holidays, at least according to Jason's Christmas thread. It indicates that K'risten Crybaby Horton indeed be with E.J. and C'had on Christmas, but they'll be in her hotel room (lame) and talking to S'tefano via computer screen (also lame).

Maybe the writers addressed this, but if they were going to pack away the mansion set for some extended period, they should have had a line somewhere where K'risten, as part of her agreement to return to Salem, refuses to step foot in the mansion because of bad memories or something.

It's weird. Is the DiMansion set tied contractually somehow to S'tefano's/JM's presence? It would seem there are enough DiMeras running around Salem to keep it out of mothballs.

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