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Y&R -- At Sharon's place, after Chelsea catches Sharon and Adam, sharing another passionate embrace, Chelsea slaps Adam, then storms out of the house. Sharon encourages Adam to go after Chelsea and make a serious attempt to make things right with Chelsea. Adam obediently follows Chelsea, and makes a serious attempt to convince Chelsea that he truly does love only Chelsea. Unfortunately, just as Chelsea is about ready to call a truce, Adam panics when Chelsea observes that Sharon will most likely eventually have to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. After Adam lectures Chelsea about how important it is that NO ONE should ever be able to learn that Sharon was responsible for the fire at the Newman Ranch, Adam leaves. Shortly afterward, Chelsea grabs her coat and heads back to Victor's penthouse. However, Chelsea pauses on the doorstep and reconsiders ringing the doorbell. Later, however, Nikki accuses Sharon of starting the fire at the Newman Ranch. Adam leaps to the conclusion that, somehow, Chelsea tipped Nikki off about Sharon's involvement in the fire. When Adam angrily points out to Chelsea that Sharon COULD lose her children if it becomes common knowledge that Sharon DID set the fire at the Newman Ranch - Chelsea makes an important decision. Paul and Christine determine the next steps of their relationship. After Christine reports to Paul that she told Danny that she was ending their relationship, Christine announces that she plans to move back to Genoa City in order to be with Paul. Christine is surprised when Paul invites her to move in with him. Paul is disappointed when Christine chooses NOT to take Paul up on his offer. Christine convinces Paul that they need time to feel out their relationship before they make such an important move. Avery reveals details of her past to Nick. After Avery and Nick enjoy a heart-to-heart chat with Summer, Nick asks about Avery's interest in children. Avery explains that, when she was young, she invented an imaginary child, whom she named Nancy Drew Summers. Avery also confides that Imaginary Nancy's Imaginary boyfriend was named Ned Nickerson! When Nick asks questions about Avery's ex - Avery volunteers the information that she has not been in touch with her ex for a very long time, that their relationship ended badly, and that Avery made mistakes. When Nick asks about Avery's first boyfriend, Avery suddenly changes the subject, jumps up and rushes away to make coffee. In the meantime, after conning Nick into believing that she is spending time with a friend, Summer lets herself into Avery's storage unit. While snooping around, Summer discovers love letters to Avery from someone named Dillon. Victoria and Billy take a most pleasant stroll down memory lane. While Victoria has been attending the fun-filled Newman family house-warming party, BIlly transforms their living room into a replica of the digs which they shared during their romantic Jamaican adventure. Although Victoria initially nixes Billy's invitation to take a walk down memory lane, Victoria eventually changes her mind. However, while they are sharing their romantic memories, Billy suddenly suggests that they need to take a trip back to Jamaica. Victoria sadly declares that she is not yet ready to embark on a new romantic adventure - and heads for bed. -- REDARIC WILLIAMS will debut as TYLER MICHAELSON, beginning the week of DECEMBER 10, 2012. Original hints about Tyler Douglas were that he would be revealed to be the son of SARGE'S deceased brother, will have an MBA degree and will go to work for JABOT, where he will work closely with LILY. WILLIAMS worked previously as a model. HOWEVER, more recent reports indicate that TYLER will be related to LESLIE - possibly, her younger brother. LAMON ARCHEY will also debut in the role of MASON during the same general time period. ARCHEY is also a model. JERRY DOUGLAS returns as the spirit of John Abbott on December 13.
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