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GENERAL HOSPITAL: The mystery of Robin Scorpio is drawing near. Will Robin escape or will she be saved? What will Anna do when she realizes Faison is still alive? Ron is a big big fan of GH of old and you may see a similarity to a past story where Laura was held captive. Ron is on a roll and for a sneak peak what is coming go to: ......Next big story coming Black Ops. Pay attention as we will hear more and more about this. McBain goes off to Switzerland and I am hearing this will tie into the Black Ops storyline which proves critical and will eventually tie in to other story lines and also other characters, some we know in Port Charles and some from OLTL. Now ask yourself what old case did the CIA feel Tomas/Alcazar was uniquely qualified to investigate? hmmmm....Is Jason alive or dead? Is Steve Burton coming back or not? Sources have said it is only a matter of time before we hear more on Jason and if Burton will return to put the final chapter to this story. RC is waiting to find out if FV can secure Burton's agreement to play along with the mystery he wants to pen even if it's only for a short stint......Loved seeing Ned and Skye come back. GH needs to bring back Wally Kurth, DOOL has no contract and apparently does not use him enough so bring him back please!!!....You have not seen the last of Heather my friends. Certain situations complicated her story due to Edward's passing and Burton's departure, but not to worry it will happen and only Ron and Frank know (for now). Heather will be back sometime next year and has at least one more arc and let me just say she is not done creating trouble.......TPTB's biggest problem is the young adults. They are working to overhaul the teens. I have heard RC had Dillon on his wish list......I am waiting on one exit announcement and two returns......GH's numbers are being watched very carefully by the higher power. Ron and Frank know they have to keep the momentum going. They know they have to bring it on. From what I am hearing every week will be like sweeps month. We will be seeing a steady stream of surprises and more returns to keep the numbers up. The show's ratings have taken a 19% jump from last years and that's a good thing!

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