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Dec 9 2012, 02:02 PM
Dec 9 2012, 09:56 AM
who is Rose Blossom ?
I cant make heads or tails out of any of these posts with all these nicknames. Confusing to me. Is there someway to turn this filter or whatever off so I can post and read the regular way?
Unfortunately, only the moderators can do that. But some translations have been posted in various places. Here's one from the Monday Day Ahead thread:

Eyebrow Magoo = R a f e
The Diva = S a m i
Crazy Eyes = N i c k
Nighttime Gina = H o p e
Kim Kardashian = G a b i
Crybaby Horton= W i l l
Dudley Do-Right = S o n n y
Orange Glow = D a n
Rose Blossom = J e n n i f e r
Chompers= C a r o l i n e
Teapot = E J
Esteban = S t e f a n o
Hairboy = C h a d
Arms of Steel = B r a d y

That doesn't include Grumpy Pants (V ictor), Ruffles Kiriakis (M aggie), Ryan Forest Winston Ryan Forest Winston Ryan Forest Roman John DiMera Alamain Brady Black DiMera Alamain Arms of Steel Black DiMera Alamain Arms of Steel Black (J ohn), Mmmmmmm (M arlena), Friends and Mothers (K risten), MIA (A llie), Schmoop (J ohnny), Cut a Bitch (S ydney), Lucas (no filter currently), Dr. Sweetness Pub Runner (K ayla), Winston (R oman), Cameron (no filter currently), Abby (no filter currently), Abe (no filter currently), Theo (no filter currently), Thorn Birds (E ric), Victim of the Year (N icole), Doug (no filter currently), Julie (no filter currently), Kate (no filter currently), Billie (no filter currently), Chloe (no filter currently)...and I'm probably forgetting some people.

There is, for whatever reason, also a filter on the word "e veryone" -- ME.

There might be some additional filters for "shipping" that I'm not aware of, because I don't use nicknames for couples.
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