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Dec 7 2012, 05:08 PM
I find myself rooting for Abi.

I hate predictable endings.

How about how they edited the previews to make it look like Malcolm's brother said something bad?

I wondered about the Malcolm brother edit also :shrug: . That was strange. I really do not think Abi can win but then again I am sure having her in the final 3 is a possibility. I know she is edited as the villian but she certainly gives the editors plenty to work with. I am going for Denise to win. To me she seems the most down to earth and i like how she does not put up with any of Abi's crap.

LOL I am editing this post many hours after I had posted because when I typed the word W I L L this word appears instead Crybaby Horton

same with typing H O P E some how Nighttime Gina does not quite sound the same in the sentence I W I L L make sure I read my post more carefully next tme LOL
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