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Yep, you're right. I found this article by Xavier Toups on SON from 2008:

February 13, 2008
EXCLUSIVE: Soap Opera Network has learned the names of soap opera writers who declared "Financial Core" status to keep on working during the strike. By going "Fi-Core," these writers can never be members of the WGA again but they continue to pay reduced union dues and the Guild is obligated to continue providing services such [as] health insurance, pension and residuals. Though they can still work on Guild projects, Guild members w ill not be keen to hire them.

Here is the list of "Fi-Core" writers:
"All My Children": James Harmon Brown & Barbara Esensten (returned to work in late December)
"The Bold and The Beautiful": Kay Alden
"Days Of Our Lives:: Hogan Sheffer (went "Fi-Core" in early January), Meg Kelly (went "Fi-Core" in late November), V ictor Gialanella, Mark Christopher Higley
"General Hospital": Garin Wolf (went "Fi-Core" immediately), Michael Conforti
"One Life To Live": Gary Tomlin, Fran Myers, Jeanne Marie Ford, Michelle Poteet Lisanti (all went "Fi-Core" immediately)
"Passions": James E. Reilly, Shawn Morrison, Pete T. Rich (went "Fi-Core" immediately)
"The Young and The Restless": Josh Griffith, Maria Arena Bell, Paula Cwikly (all went "Fi-Core" immediately)
UPDATE: April 18, 2008
The WGA released a letter today naming more writers that I didn't originally have.

The list of writers are:
"The Bold and The Beautiful": Ryan Forest Roman John DiMera Alamain Brady Black F. Smith
"Days Of Our Lives": Dena Higley (went "Fi-Core" just before the strike ended in February)
"Passions": Marlene Clark Poulter, Clem Egan, Darrell Ray Thomas Jr.


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