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Viewing Single Post From: Y&R: Chelsea Rats Out Sharon!

Dec 9 2012, 01:02 PM
Funny how it's the wife's fault isn't it? Never mind that Adam's a slut and went running when Sharonho called. 'If you do this, Sharon could lose Faith... can't include Noah, he's a big boy and should know better.' NO SHIT! She should lose her until she get's her head screwed on right and stops self destructing and taking other women's husbands with her.
If this bitch was anyone else, you guys would agree that Chelseas isn't the fault of this mess. The Newman screen door is at fault.
Let's just blame this on Adam shall we, let's not forget that since the day this all started Sharon has been telling Adam to go back to Chelsea and leave her along yet he has to do. Chelsea never even told Sharon about her threats to Sharon so she's not completely blameless here. It is Adam's fault for playing games with BOTH of them and yes we do have to remember how Chelsea came to that town, and she has yet to be honest about her doings behind Adam's back either. They are all at fault on this but the Sharon hate is so strong she gets it all. How many times has she told Adam to get lost, yet he's the one who keeps going back, its not the other way around. The Blame is equal. If Chelsea is so in the right on this and she knows what Adam is doing why doesn't she just tell him to get lost and lock the doors. Personally Sharon needs to be with stronger professional help. The Sharon hate is so strong on this it's easy to point the finger at one person but Back OFF and look at Everybody involved.
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