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Dec 9 2012, 10:40 PM
I just saw this on my timeline - not sure how credible they are...

Oh, and Patrick Muldoon also revealed that they are in talks to maybe bring back Carrie, Austin and the baby. #days
I pulled up that person's profile to see if I could find some sort of context, and I found this...

OMFG - met Patrick Maldoon last night, who was super drunk and informed me that his affair with A bby was FOR REAL off screen! #days

But I also found a tweet where she speculated that J ennifer might be pregnant. I would think that anyone who has a Twitter account that's focused on Days and presumably uses the Internet regularly would be quite aware of the fact that J ennifer had appendicitis, since it was already spoiled weeks ago...so their credibility is still questionable, I'd say.

And if Patrick Muldoon was really drunk, so is his, obviously.
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