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Dec 9 2012, 10:44 PM
Jennifer will likely go crazy if that's what happens when Chloe returns. Daniel stopped liking Nicole and Jennifer still hated her for wanting Daniel.
"Fickle" is Daniel's middle name, so I fully expect him to be sniffing after Chloe again, especially if Parker does turn out to be biologically his. And of course Jen-Jen will go on another shrieky, self-righteous rampage trying to "protect" him from his ex-wife. What alarms me is that she's apparently learned nothing from her conflict with Nicole. You'd think that being accused of causing an unborn baby's death would have made her see just how out of control and obsessive her own behavior was. Instead, she's gone right back to snooping, stalking, meddling, and interfering in the most obnoxious way possible. Her need to insert herself repeatedly into Daniel's business is creeping me out--and I wouldn't be surprised if it started creeping him out too, if it hasn't already. When all's said and done, it could be Chloe who ends up at the foot of a staircase with Jen standing over her--and not by accident this time!
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