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I'm thinking that the writers and execs probably do hear the negative feedback and will eventually have Dannifer part ways when Chloe returns. But I think it's likely that, instead of being a stalker, Jennifer will turn into a martyr and step aside so that Daniel can be with his son Parker (sort of like last spring when Daniel dumped her so she could be free to be with Jack and her children). Like last spring, she'll see that Dan still has feelings for his ex-wife and she'll want to make it easy for him. Daniel and Jennifer will have some star-crossed, what-might-have-been, oh-you're-so-wonderful-and-perfect moments and then he'll be freed to be reunited with Chloe -- that is, after he is briefly chastised by Nancy or someone (SC's tweet said that Daniel gets "punished" with a verbal lashing).

Also like last time, there will be no realization from either side that in reality their relationship is superficial and was never about love (imo, the "cute" factor some saw was long ago outweighed by the "creepy obsession" factor, but that's not how either of them sees it, of course). As they part ways, they'll each retain their sainted, martyred, perfect perfection by professing to deny their own feelings and do what's right for others. Never mind that they've spent the last several months ignoring their families, paying scant attention to their jobs, and majorly trampling over other people's feelings in their laser-eyed obsession with each other. That won't be acknowledged.

I would prefer that Jennifer neither be an obsessed stalker (again) nor a martyr. I would prefer that she would wake up and realize that her entire infatuation with Daniel was just that. But no, Tomlin will probably return her to being alone. And this time he will actually let us see her grieve (weep endlessly and sigh with longing) -- not for her deceased husband, but for the dreamy doctor who got away.

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