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Jack would be revealed to be alive. He lost his memory due to his fall, but only remembers the first twenty years of his life. He has no memory of Jennifer or the Johnsons. He regains control over the Spectator and accepts a business offer from Kristen Blake who knows about his accident. She becomes a partner in the Spectator and the two become lovers. John and Marlena come across the pair and Kristen pretends not to know them. Jack warns John and Marlena to stay away from Kristen.
John and Marlena decide to wait to tell Jennifer that Jack's back until they find out what happened to him. Jennifer becomes interested in a young reporter who wants to interview the widow of Jack Deveraux for the paper. His name is Bryan Blake. Bryan becomes romantically interested in Jennifer and the two begin dating. Jennifer can't get over how much Bryan reminds her of someone. In the park they run into EJ one day who knows Bryan right away. Bryan hints to EJ not to reveal his idenity. It is later revealed when they speak that Bryan is Peter Blake's son. Peter married his mother after a breakdown after losing Jennifer and had another breakdown that has kept him in a hospital for the last twenty years. Bryan is back for revenge and plans to kill Jennifer. EJ says he wants nothing to do with it and to stay away from him. Bryan followed his aunt to Salem upon learning of her plans for Jack.
Kristen has a conversation with EJ about her plans. She reveals she simply wants to put down roots and have a life. Jack has become apart of that life. EJ warns her that she will have to tell Jack about his past or Jennifer eventually will. Kristen says she will but she wants to make sure that she won't lose Jack first.
Bryan asks Jennifer to move in with him. She refuses but invites him to stay with her and Abby. Daniel gets wind of Jennifer's new serious relationship and warns her that she's moving too fast. Jennifer reveals that is her plan. It helps her to stop thinking about Jack and the fact that she's lost him forever this time. Daniel then realizes that it will always be about Jack for Jennifer and decides to follow Melanie out of town to be with Carly.
Nicole learns that Dr Baker has returned over a month ago to Salem and assisted with the birth of her stillborn son. Nicole gets information that makes her believe that her boy is alive. She pleads with EJ to help her and the two grow closer as they look for their son.
John learns that Jack has made a bid to buy large shares in his company. He confronts Jack who tells him flat out he's going to take everything he has. Jack refuses to tell him why. John tells Marlena what is happening and they decide it's time to tell Jennifer.
Bryan and Jennifer sleep together and he drugs her wine. It puts Jennifer into a really deep coma. A doctor at the hospital tells Bryan that Jennifer has bleeding on the brain as well and may die soon. Abigail comes home and hears what happened to Jennifer. Bryan comforts Abby and then tries to kiss her. Abby is livid with Bryan and orders him out of her house. He accuses her of having interest in him which leaves Abby upset. She wonders if her mother knows what a dangerous man she has been taken in by. Abby goes to the mall and runs into Jack and Kristen. Abby is floored to see that her father is actually alive and accuses him of setting it all up. Jack confronts Abby to find out how she knows him and Kristen stops Abby from telling her dad the truth. Abby soon sees that Kristen is manipulating her dad some how and promises Jack that she will help him. Kristen gets Jack away from Abby before she can tell him anything too damaging. Jack decides to search for the girl later on his own. There was just something about her that reminds him of someone. Kristen lies and says that Abby is a crazy ex of Bryan's. Kristen decides to push Jack into taking over Basic Black as soon as possible.
Sami decides that she no longer loves Rafe and encourages him to find Carrie to tell her he still wants her after learning she broke up with Austin. She then decides to pursue Lucus with her whole heart. He floors her with information that he has a new woman in his life. Elena. She is a cousin to the DiMera's. Andre's daughter. Sami is crushed when she sees how lovely Elena is, but decides to fight for what she wants.
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