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If this proves ANYTHING...it proves that Sami is now in a place that she can't even make a decision about what man she would rather be with. It's really not too hard, at one point she was focused, knew exactly what she wanted and went for it...no one would stop her. Now she has two that she can't decide and dumped a third one and if anything she is now in a place that she loves neither of these men, IMHO.
IMO its a LAME and DISGUSTING attempt to use Caroline's debilitating illmess to keep those damn carrots dangling and I AM OVER IT! Move the fuck on! Just when I think the spoilers couldn't be more ridiculous the PTB out do themselves. Great job! :sarcasm: You are full of of shit! No surprise though that Caroline would be used as a prop in suposedley "her own story". Shameful.
I'm confused as to why you think they are using Caroline's illness to 'dangle carrots'. It's not unusual for Caroline (or just about any other character) to be used to voice the upcoming direction/plot points. I don't see this having anything to do with her pseudo Alzheimers condition.

I do agree with Lysie, though - the comparisons of any of these couples to the popular super couples from back in the day does none of them any favors. If they want to create compelling couples that can stand up to the comparison against popular ones from the past they'd be far better off giving them some semblance of the type of writing those original couples got. THAT is why they were so popular.
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