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Dec 10 2012, 12:13 PM
Dec 10 2012, 12:06 PM
My issue with Caroline is that there's an implication that she may have made the wrong decision and paid for it later in life. That's not true and isn't at all what happened. Ultimately though, tptb's reliance on making sure to compare whatever couple Sami happens to be a part of at the time parallel to past stories is what kills all their potential. Safe isn't Tom and Alice or Shane and Kim. They're Sami and Rafe. Ejami aren't John and Marlena or Caroline and Victor. They're EJ and Sami. Write for their characters and stop trying to do piss poor imitations of past successes. It's not benefitting anyone.
I have slightly more mixed feelings. See, I don't mind using past experiences to provide connections between characters. One of my favorite scenes with Kayla and Caroline in 1986 is Caroline talking to Kayla about knowing what it is like to be drawn to the "wrong" man. The parallel isn't exact or perfect, but it provided this moment where Caroline was trying to caution her daughter not out of some unreasonable position, but from experience. Of course, I was happy that Kayla rejected that advice, but I liked that moment.

So, in the abstract, I can buy a connection between Caroline and Sami in this way. But, it needs to be handled with either a lighter touch, or with some actual appreciation for the differences in the story. Because what they actually did was both heavy handed and inaccurate. And, I agree with you, they need to write for the characters independent of past pairings. We need to know what (if anything) is special about EJami or Safe based on those characters, not trying to shoehorn them into some story we already know about.
That is my problem also and if the parallel is going to be used to show Sami that in the end, Caroline made the correct choice, and didn't regret it then I will be pleased. Caroline is spoiled to have a chat with Ej (which she did already), Sami and Rafe all within a span of a few weeks. I don't want Caroline to pretty much change her tune now after so many years of the story being that Caroline DID make the RIGHT choice and she didn't regret it. The running story for a very, very long time was that Caroline KNEW her choice was the correct one and she knew that Shawn was the better man and she was happy and lived a fulfilling life because of the choice she made. Heck that choice was proven right when Victor as late as 2007 was still trying to screw over Belle with the Claire issue. In her heart she knew that Victor would not change and changing wasn't even about the story, it was all the crap he did to her and her family through the years that lead Caroline to pretty much admit that Shawn was the person she loved and the fling with Victor was something that she regretted deeply. Now if the story will go along those lines with the Ej/Sami/Rafe parallel fine, but then Rafe is no Shawn either.....the entire comparison to me is just off....

As Lysie said, if all these three characters and the two couples they comprise are all that and a bag of chips then why the constant need to try to tell their story through either a Jarlena comparison or a Victor/Caroline/Shawn one.....ENOUGH
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