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Ejole Lifer

Dec 8 2012, 03:30 PM
Haven't posted in awhile but had to log in to comment on MCE and her one note acting. The actress is marginal at best and this is taking into consideration her arrival into GC before she was given the material she had now; which is better. That said, she is not impressive by any means. The actress shrill voice and constant gasping and chest heaving was bad enough but she also constantly bats her eyes. It's like watching a high school play whenever she is in any scene. MM outshines her and to say that she's better than Sharon Case who has been flawless and superb is very laughable. Sharon Case doesn't resort to heaving, valley girl speak and eyelash batting to bring impact to a scene. Sharon Case has more than proven amongst even her harshest critics that she's supreme when given material. Twitter and msg boards as well as bloggers have been buzzing about her performance. This story line has really brought her to the forefront as one of daytime's best leading ladies. It helps that she's had eighteen years of material some good and some bad to hone her skills and through it all she has brought nuanced layers to Sharon Newman. All MCE has had is her character Annie Lavery and she's decided that since it worked over there she can bring that same character to YR. The problem is it's glaringly obvious that's what she's doing and it's not working because she's now amongst a higher caliber of actors who out act and out rank her on every level. She's dead weight on this show and were it not for the writers deciding to bring MM and SC back into each other's acting orbits; something MAB didn't want anymore, then MCE would have continued to just be sitting on the Chadam couch giggling. She's off the couch but she's just underwhelming. Unless she goes full on crazy where she can do her Annie Lavery camp she's just not that interesting.

I give her one year to wrap up this Chadam story. Chelsea and MCE are simply underwhelming unless being supported by MM or SC.
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