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Just some quick questions:
1.Who brought Chelsea to Genoa City?
2.Did Chelsea know Billy before Myanmar?
3.Did Chelsea know that Billy was married when they met in Myanmar?
4.Whose idea was for Chelsea to get involve with Billy?
5.When Chelsea gave birth to her child, who got the child?
6.Has Chelsea gone back for her child since giving away the said kid. And even though she is married to someone and have stable home?

It just seems that Chelsea has been blamed for things she had no control over.

1. Victor brought Chelsea to Genoa City

2. No, Chelsea did not know Billy before Myanmar.

3. No, Chelsea was not aware that Billy was married when they met in Myanmar because he did not tell her. She has reiterated that many times.

4. It was Victor's idea to get Chelsea involve with Billy because he hates (hold on let me vomit) :puke: "villy" and quite frankly I agree with Victor. I am totally Team Victor on this.

5. Victoria cannot have a child - even though she had one and could not be bothered with being a mother so Reed is off with his daddy somewhere. So now she is mother to Chelsea's child. That was rather kind of Chelsea to hand over her child to a family who clearly hates her.

6. No, Chelsea has not gone back for her child. Even though she can afford to, so it seems rather ungrateful that others call her a rapist when their beloved (hold on let me vomit again) :puke: "villy" have her kid when they clearly could not do on their own.

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