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ITA and I know she did some horrible stuff but let's face it, at least she tried toward the end to make it right, but Andrew was coo coo for coco puffs, so that didn't work out for the best. Realistically, it's Andrew's fault that what happened, happened....Gabi is/was an accomplice to that initial crime...but let's be realistic here....no one pays long term in Salem..if Gabi ends up going to jail for this I'd be really, really surprised.
If Gabi goes to jail I'll be pissed. Not because I care that much about Gabi, but there is a whole list of people who have done far, far worse things and far more deliberately who haven't spent a day in jail. And the worse offenders are related to Chad. I can't get on the "Gabi deserves punishment" bandwagon while she's serving DiMeras as the BRADY pub.
I just wish people knew. And not random nobodies like Chad and Sonny.
Oh, I'm all for people knowing. That's good soapy conflict that can go all sorts of directions. Will Abby blame Gabi for Jack's death? And, if she does will somebody finally tell her the whole story about her father? Would the truth cause Will to change his mind about letting Gabi and Nick raise the baby? There are a lot of different threads that can play out.
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