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ITA and I know she did some horrible stuff but let's face it, at least she tried toward the end to make it right, but Andrew was coo coo for coco puffs, so that didn't work out for the best. Realistically, it's Andrew's fault that what happened, happened....Gabi is/was an accomplice to that initial crime...but let's be realistic here....no one pays long term in Salem..if Gabi ends up going to jail for this I'd be really, really surprised.
If Gabi goes to jail I'll be pissed. Not because I care that much about Gabi, but there is a whole list of people who have done far, far worse things and far more deliberately who haven't spent a day in jail. And the worse offenders are related to Chad. I can't get on the "Gabi deserves punishment" bandwagon while she's serving DiMeras as the BRADY pub.
I'm sorry but relativistic morality is no way to operate a legal justice system. Gabi broke the law and deserves some jail unless she and the prosecutor can agree to a lesser charge and community service. Chad also needs some time behind bars for his assault against Nick. Neither one deserves a free pass here, especially not because other people have done far worse and gotten away with it. That is such a flimsy excuse. Crime is crime and Gabi has earned a prosecution. It's about time the laws were enforced in Salem and people paid for their crimes. Gabi and Chad would be good starting points. Gabi certainly won't receive any leniency from me because she is pregnant and didn't commit first degree murder.
Gabi deserved at the very least everyone knowing what she did. Justin's role in what he did with the signed agreements between Nick and Chad was a ludacris idea. First off because Chad should have told Nick press charges, go ahead you're an ex convict for murder and I beat you up for my girlfriend the (thought) daughter of the man you killed for her. Chad would have maybe gotten probation. Nick would have been in trouble with the police if for nothing else getting into a fight right after parole, whether he started it or not. As for Gabi, she walks away from all she did lives lost because of what she started, but even if anyone wants to say Andrew was the psycho (she hired him) and she knew he held Melanie captive and did nothing to help her for days.

But in the end Chad will get in trouble with the cops for breaking the agreement because he's a DiMera and Gaby is a Hernandez, with Will a Brady and Nick a Horton. :moon:

Chad should go to the cops and tell all now, that's revenge on ALL.
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