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Dec 10 2012, 02:46 PM
This garbage with Agent Orange and Bitchifer is absurd. A Christmas miracle?? :puke: :puke: The whole recap was painful read with between the Dannifer puke fest, Nicole crying over the worthless grease ball Danho, and the ridiculous Will/Gabi/Nick wedding planning BS. Once again, I commend those who can actually sit through this episode.
Yeah, they're laying on the Limburger for Dannifer 2.0. I knew Dr. Sleaze losing his hand tremors would be the so-called "Christmas miracle." And once again Jen-Jen is burbling about how she loves him with "all her heart." So much for . . . what's his name? The guy she supposedly loved for half her life, the one who died saving their firstborn . . . Jed, Jock, or Jake something, wasn't it?

I just hope Dannifer 2.0 ends as badly as I imagine it will. And I'll have absolutely no sympathy for Jennifer when it does, because at this point, she deserves what she gets.
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