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I could see the Johnny connection...his twin is a Horton, it fits a bit better, and I don't get the Victor thing though....he should never have an ornament on that tree....
I don't think the twin thing matters at all, unless they're going to start giving ornaments to everyone else's half siblings as well. Victor makes sense to me because Maggie was married to Mickey and loyal to the Hortons for so long that she is a Horton, AFAIC, which makes her husband and children Hortons.
It's very common (in my experience, at least) for one (young) sibling to get something simply because another (young) sibling is. Birthday gifts, for example -- if one sibling is having a birthday party, everyone that I know will purchase a small gift for the other sibling(s) as well, so that they don't feel left out. This continues until the kids are old enough to understand why they don't deserve gifts on another person's birthday.

Based on that, I find it perfectly acceptable to give Johnny an ornament so that he doesn't feel left out. :shrug:

As I said in one of the earlier posts, nested in the one you quoted, I don't have an issue with Johnny having an ornament if Sydney gets one as well, but as it stands now, Johnny doesn't have an ornament because they don't want him to feel excluded on the off chance that he'll attend Christmas at the Horton house one day (if he does, where is the concern for Sydney's feelings?); he has an ornament that's left over from the time they thought he was a Horton, and since it turns out that he's not a Horton,, it's time for his ornament to go the way of Carrie's, Chloe's, Nicole's etc.

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