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I'm a stickler for tradition. As much a I love Marlena, she shouldn't have an ornament. She's not a Horton or married to one.

Neither is Sami. Hence, no ornament. Johnny and Sydney, same thing. Unless either of them marries a Horton, no ornament. And if a divorce occurs? No ornament the next year. Like Nicole, for example, doesn't have an ornament because she's no longer marries to Lucas.

"Family friends" and "ex-spouses" should not be on the tree. Period. For example, I understand Gabby getting an ornament, because she's married to a Horton. But Rafe? Not a Horton relative or a Horton spouse. If he marries into the family, fine. But as of now, no ornaments.

It waters down the tradition if everyone, including ex-wives, ex-husbands, and friends, get onaments. it becomes meaningless at that point.
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