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Gabi deserved at the very least everyone knowing what she did. Justin's role in what he did with the signed agreements between Nick and Chad was a ludacris idea. First off because Chad should have told Nick press charges, go ahead you're an ex convict for murder and I beat you up for my girlfriend the (thought) daughter of the man you killed for her. Chad would have maybe gotten probation. Nick would have been in trouble with the police if for nothing else getting into a fight right after parole, whether he started it or not. As for Gabi, she walks away from all she did lives lost because of what she started, but even if anyone wants to say Andrew was the psycho (she hired him) and she knew he held Melanie captive and did nothing to help her for days.

But in the end Chad will get in trouble with the cops for breaking the agreement because he's a DiMera and Gaby is a Hernandez, with Will a Brady and Nick a Horton. :moon:

Chad should go to the cops and tell all now, that's revenge on ALL.
I just don't understand this argument. Bradys and Hortons have spent far more time in jail than the villains who have done more than a guest role on this show. In the end, no one will have any lasting consequences for anything because that's how this show has operated for the last decade. And it sucks all the way around.
What argument just stating facts as they've been presented by the writers. All I said is what Chad should have said to Nick when he stepped into help little miss victim Gaby and say he'd press charges against Chad. Chad should have said go for it.......personally I'd rather they cut the Chad revenge crapfest against Gaby the annointed saint one caring the prodical Brady egg. Get rid of Chad, he's just an annoyance added to and annoying storyline. Gaby will never be considered bad for what she did, Chad has every right to call her out on her crap but in the end nothing will come of it because he's a DiMera, and the rest are the good citizens of Salem by relation.

CD needs to just leave he's just another example of a character being butchered by the current writers, not that he was ever that great to begin with.
The argument that I referenced and commented on...
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