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Dec 10 2012, 05:06 PM
I'm a stickler for tradition. As much a I love Marlena, she shouldn't have an ornament. She's not a Horton or married to one.

Neither is Sami. Hence, no ornament. Johnny and Sydney, same thing. Unless either of them marries a Horton, no ornament. And if a divorce occurs? No ornament the next year. Like Nicole, for example, doesn't have an ornament because she's no longer marries to Lucas.

"Family friends" and "ex-spouses" should not be on the tree. Period. For example, I understand Gabby getting an ornament, because she's married to a Horton. But Rafe? Not a Horton relative or a Horton spouse. If he marries into the family, fine. But as of now, no ornaments.

It waters down the tradition if everyone, including ex-wives, ex-husbands, and friends, get onaments. it becomes meaningless at that point.
Totally agree here, If you're no longer part of the family by marriage you should not have an ornament on the tree. Johnny is not at the Horton house on Christmas he is with the Brady or DiMera families as is Sydney.

Allie is with Lucas at the Horton house and FINALLY that poor child actually gets recognition from someone, although you'd never know she was a Horton for as much as before Lucas came back to town she was involved with them. Poor child has never gotten anything in recognition like Johnny and Sydney.

As for Ex's Nicole, Chloe, Sami and others ornaments should have been given to them when they were no longer part of the family to put on their own trees, at their own homes. Now Jack should still have one because he died (killed).

My bet is though that Rafe gets an ornament, via Gaby. Irony Gaby will have an ornament now on the same tree with Daniel and Melanie, wonder how But in skee Maggie is going to feel about her when or if the truth ever comes out, as well as Orange glow. Now that's a Christmas celebration I'd love to see, Nick defending his wife from his cousin the girl whose (supposed) father he murdered, and from her real father for his wife having his daughter kidnapped, not even mentioning Abby and Saint Jenn for her being responsible for Jack's death. :popcorn:
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